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Save time, money & hire faster on Joberfer.

Why Joberfer?

Save time

Quick and easy to post jobs on while highlighting number of qualified applicants wanted.

Save money

No paying to post jobs. No paying to sponsor jobs. No paying for clicks. No cost per hire fees. Only pay for pre-qualified
applicants received.

Hire Faster helps employers hire faster by receiving targeted referrals from an incentivized network.

How it works for Employers?

1. Post jobs on

2. Choose how many qualified applicants you wish to receive and set your budget.

3. Only pay for pre-qualified applicants received.

4. Connect with applicants and hire faster.

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“Over 88% of employers say referrals are their best source of candidates.” Let's get more referrals to your inbox, faster.

Post Jobs

“I needed to hire doctors as we are expanding our busy clinic therefore I contacted Joberfer. It was easy to register my employer profile and post jobs. Within 24 hours of posting our job for a family physician we received a qualified applicant. At first I was not sure if it was real so I contacted Prasanthi who assured me that I will get a full refund if the applicant was not qualified. It was simple to pay to view the qualified applicants details. Immediately I called the applicant who turned out to be a great candidate, exactly who we were looking for and we have scheduled to meet. I love the fact that Joberfer attracts referrals of qualified applicants and takes care of all the administrative work associated with advertising, tracking and paying the referral fee etc. Delighted to share that we have hired the candidate within two weeks of receiving their application. I would highly recommend using Joberfer to post jobs and get qualified applicants.” ~ Mark Henderson, Riverbend Medical Clinic

Questions? We can help.

Joberfer has a two tier value based pricing model. We charge a yearly membership fee and a transaction fee.

Referrers can be:
- friends, family, colleagues or network connections
- expert recruiters

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We are:

  • democratizing referrals to jobs
  • activating a new channel of qualified applicants from referrals for employers
  • the only jobs platform we know of to have a digital wallet to track referral fees earned and paid
  • referrers, jobseekers & employers seamlessly connect on one platform for a great user experience
  • partnering with people & expert recruiters
  • value based business model delivering value to our employers & users
  • putting money back into people's pockets